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In order to provide the best care with extended physician consultation we do not accept insurance.  Payment is due at time of service.   A superbill will be provided for each patient and may be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.   I have opted out of medicare and therefore patients may not claim reimbursement directly from medicare.


Every patient is unique and will be treated in a holistic manner.  New patient consultations are up to 2 hours and include an in depth complete medical history, osteopathic evaluation and treatment, as well as a personalized treatment plan that includes mind, body and spirit.  Followup consultations will be up to one hour and include in depth review and change to treatment plan as needed, as well as osteopathic evaluation and treatment.


Osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) is an integral component of treatment at Greeneville Integrative Medicine.   OMT involves the diagnosis of illness and injury with hands on evaluation. This treatment encourages your body's natural tendency towards healing. 

Non-invasive face lift

While some aesthetic treatments can cause damage to tissue, Deep care treatments are non-invasive, have no downtime and cause no damage.  In fact treatments provide a pleasant sensation, while providing visible results within one 30 minute session.

Deep care is a radio-frequency device that uses a specific frequency to generate both thermal and sub-thermal effects to accelerate the recovery of tissue and increase blood supply bringing collagen and elastin into the tissue.  This allows the body to naturally rebuild healthy looking skin with no chemical fillers or destructive lasers.

Body Scultping

A specific radio-frequency of 448 kHz has been demonstrated to have regenerative, anti-inflammatory and anti-adipogenic effects.  This means that it can help to reduce unwanted fat.  Treatments provide a warmth to the abdomen and are not painful as some body sculpting treatments can be.  In 30 minutes a noticeable improvement can be seen.  These treatments are safe with no side effects and have been researched all over the world for more than 30 years.

Acute or Chronic joint pain treatments

  Deep care treatments, using radio-frequency have been used to effectively treat pain for many years.  In a short 10-15 minute session the thermal and sub-thermal effects of radio-frequency help to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow to a painful joint as well as jump start the body's healing process, in order to accelerate healing for a patient.  This may be used for either acute sports injuries or even chronic arthritis.

Service Prices

New Patient


2 hour consultation and osteopathic manipulative treatment

Followup Consultation


1 hour followup consult and Osteopathic manipulative treatment

Child under 18

$250 (new patient)

$150  (followup)

 Consultation with osteopathic manipulative treatment

 Consultation with osteopathic manipulative treatment

Deep care treatment Prices

Non-invasive face lift


$1200 for package of 6 treatments

(save $300)

1 session of deep care face lift treatment.  Patients may expect an average of 3-6  sessions  for best lasting results.

Body Scultping


$1500 for a package of 6

1 session of deep care body sculpting treatment.  Patients may expect an average of 6-12  sessions for best results.

Deep Care Joint treatments


1 session of deep care joint pain treatment.  Patients may expect 3-6  treatments for best results.

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