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Greeneville Integrative Medicine has a unique approach to patient care.  With time and expert care provided to each individual patient, the goal of treatment is centered around finding health not masking disease.


Osteopathic Manipulation

Every Patient is treated with osteopathic manipulation (neuromuscular medicine).  This is used to diagnose and treat patients with a multitude of acute and chronic conditions.


Lifestyle Medicine

A detailed evaluation and plan is discussed that is unique to every patient.  This includes evaluation of nutrition, mobility, herbal supplements, vitamins and prescription medications.  Using expert knowledge, gained from years of experience as a dual board certified physician in both family medicine and integrative medicine, Dr. Dilks will help each patient to reach optimal health.


Deepcare Radiofrequency

Using radiofrequency Dr. Dilks can help you to achieve a younger healthier appearance to help you feel your best.  This non-invasive treatment provides amazing results in a short office visit with no down time, no pain and no side effects.  This may also be used to help heal scars and stretch marks, contour cellulite and improve healing of injuries.

Service Prices

New Patient


2 hour consultation and osteopathic manipulative treatment

Followup Consultation


1 hour followup consult and Osteopathic manipulative treatment

Child under 18

$250 (new patient)

$150  (followup)

 Consultation with osteopathic manipulative treatment

 Consultation with osteopathic manipulative treatment

Deep care treatment Prices

Non-invasive face lift


$1200 for package of 6 treatments

(save $300)

1 session of deep care face lift treatment.  Patients may expect an average of 3-6  sessions  for best lasting results.

Body Scultping


$1500 for a package of 6

1 session of deep care body sculpting treatment.  Patients may expect an average of 6-12  sessions for best results.

Deep Care Joint treatments


1 session of deep care joint pain treatment.  Patients may expect 3-6  treatments for best results.

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