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Why Become A Member of 

Greeneville Integrative Medicine?

Compare the savings and see the benefits.

Included in Membership Plan


Per Quarter

Annual Savings of $500

1 hr session with detailed discussion

Patient and Doctor partnership for overall health

Hands-on Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy

Holistic Treatment Plan and attention to preventative care at each visit

Or choose to pay one annual price



Annual savings of $500

Enjoy the same benefits as quarterly paid plan.

10 annual visits

After 10 visits receive discounted physician rate.

Can be used for the whole family

Your doctor is highly accessible

Use the Membership for one person or share visits with your immediate family

10 Visits may be shared by up to 5 family members, or used for one individual

Families include 2 adults 21 and over and 3 children 21 and under

Payments due at beginning of each quarter starting January 1

Limited enrollment period. These run for the calendar year. Join Now!

Enroll Now in Membership Plan

Please print and complete the Membership Plan Agreement and return, mail, or fax to Greeneville Integrative Medicine. 

Fax Number: 423-525-4366

Address: 1017 Tusculum Blvd. Suite 1

Greeneville, TN 37745

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