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  Bring your supplements, prescriptions and concerns and we will formulate a complete health plan to move you in the direction of optimal wellness.  We offer medical care for the entire family using conventional and alternative therapies in order to find the treatment plan that works best for you.  We will evaluate your concerns from a functional perspective rather than offering treatments that only mask symptoms.  

   Dr. Dilks is board certified in both integrative medicine and family medicine with osteopathic manipulative treatment.  This broad spectrum of training offers patients an opinion they can count on.  If you have been to multiple natural health practitioners you may have been given a range of information.  The internet also offers confusing and often inaccurate information to guide you on your path to health and wellness.  Take advantage of Dr. Dilks' training to help you figure out what will work best for you in a reasonable and evidence-based manner.


Deep care Cosmetic treatments​

We are excited to offer a safe alternative in cosmetic procedures!  Deep care treatments use a low frequency radio wave specific to the human cell.  This current safely helps to normalize cell function and stimulate the body's regenerative process.  Increased blood flow brings collagen and elastin to tissues helping to lift tired, sun-damaged skin.  This treatment also has anti-adipogenic effects, meaning it gets rid of unwanted fat and at the same time can improve the look of scars and stretchmarks.  Call us today to get your treatments!


Integrative Medicine

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What our patients are saying

Dr. Dilks is a wonderful and very knowledgeable doctor.  She cares about figuring out the cause of your illnesses and assessing your biological needs not just prescribing a "pill".  She helped me figure out what was causing my chronic pain and create a plan to begin addressing the issues. I will forever be grateful.  I cannot say enough about how great Dr. Dilks is!  She actually takes time to listen and cares about your long term health. I highly recommend going to see her!

Hollie Paige

I highly recommend checking out Dr. Michelle at Greeneville Integrative Medicine. She is very knowledgeable and kind.  Their office is beautiful!

Michael Bryan-Integral Chiropractic

We love you!  Best doctor ever!

Bambi Wheale

You rock Dr. Dilks!

Jessie Louise Bersch

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